Revolution Harmony is a Canadian organisation with roots in Africa and England, which uses the power of music to inspire positive change in the world. Founded by Ray Holroyd in 2011, projects include an ongoing series of All-Star charity singles, a music school, and a music education book.

The Revolution Harmony logo was created from the C clef in music notation, which is the only clef that can be used on all five stave lines (from the highest to the lowest), making it a true musical symbol of equality. Download the RH logo as a black or white 300dpi PNG file.


Hello, my name is Ray Holroyd, and I'm the founder of Revolution Harmony. I'm a British African, vegan, straightedger, award-winning music lecturer, composer, producer, journalist, sub-20 5K runner, minimalist, and a few other things too!

Born in the '70s in Cape Town (South Africa), I began playing piano at the age of seven, and guitar at the age of eleven. I went on to form Royd, an original grunge band that received national acclaim. In 1996, along with playing sold-out shows, our debut single reached No.1 on the rock chart of the country's most popular national radio station, 5FM, and we returned to the No.1 spot in 1998 with our third single.

After graduating from high-school and achieving Grade 8 (the highest grade) from the Royal Schools of Music in piano, classical guitar, and theory of music, I moved to Los Angeles (USA) in 1999 to study contemporary guitar and voice at Musicians Institute. There I also recorded an album with my new original multicultural rap-rock band Gray Race Evolution, and gained valuable experience performing on the Los Angeles music circuit, which included shows on the famous Sunset Strip.

In 2001 I immigrated to England where I did my teacher training while studying education, and lectured music theory and composition at the UK's largest college (with over 25,000 students) in London from 2001-2011, later becoming the course director and accredited lead internal verifier too. In my decade at this college I was honoured to win the Learner First Award and Vocational Qualification Hero Award. I also went on to form 12 Ton Method, my new original dodecaphonic metal band, in which I composed and played guitar. At this time I unintentionally became a music journalist as well (long story), and after writing for Kerrang! magazine from 2009-2010 I moved on to Terrorizer, where I became the editor of their new guitar magazine Sick Sounds from 2010-2011, and I'm still a journalist for Terrorizer as well as Total Tattoo magazine.

I founded and ran the non-profit record label Grade 9 Records from 2008-2012, which exclusively released my students' music worldwide and donated all the proceeds to charity. In 2011 I relocated to Vancouver (Canada) and developed this philanthropic dream by launching my new and improved non-profit record label Revolution Harmony, which released over 40 records worldwide, including the 2012 self-titled LP from Cryptopsy (who've sold over 300,000 albums).

2013 saw Revolution Harmony streamlined to focus exclusively on my All-Star charity singles that feature multiplatinum Grammy-winning artists (Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, Serj Tankian of System Of A Down, and many more), with all the proceeds going to charities that restore harmony between people, animals, and the environment. In 2014 I moved to the beautiful Salt Spring Island (Canada) to surround myself with nature, and now overflowing with inspiration, 2015 finds Revolution Harmony expanding into music education, with the launch of my music school and music theory book. Watch this space for updates, and thank you sincerely for your time and support, as together we are all the Revolution Harmony. Amandla Awethu!

If you wanna watch me playing a bunch of noisy stuff on an 8-string guitar using 8-note scales while shaking my ex-hair around, click the play button below!

Revolution Harmony All-Stars

  • Ihsahn (Emperor)
  • Kool Keith (Ultramagnetic MCs)
  • Madchild (Swollen Members)
  • Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)
  • Serj Tankian (System Of A Down)
  • Devin Townsend
  • Eric Wainaina
  • Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree)
100% of your donation goes to the production costs of our next All-Star charity single. Donate $10 (CAD) or more and get your name in the booklet!

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BUSKAID is one of the charities we support! Photo by Graham De Lacy.

Ray's previous band