Hello, my name is Ray Holroyd, and I'm a vegan straightedge British-African music lecturer and journalist. Born in the '70s in Cape Town (South Africa), I began playing piano at the age of seven, and guitar at the age of eleven. I went on to form Royd, an original grunge/metal band that received national acclaim. In 1996, along with playing sold-out shows, our debut single reached No.1 on the rock chart of the country's most popular national radio station, and we returned to the No.1 spot in 1998 with our third single. After graduating from high-school and achieving ABRSM Grade 8 in piano, classical guitar, and theory of music, I moved to Los Angeles (USA) in 1999 to study contemporary guitar and voice at Musicians Institute. There I also recorded an album with my original multicultural hip-hop/rock band Gray Race Evolution, and gained valuable experience performing on the Los Angeles music circuit, which included shows on the famous Sunset Strip.

In 2001 I relocated to London (England), where I became the composer/guitarist in 12 Ton Method, my original dodecaphonic metal band. I lectured music theory and composition at a college from 2001-2011, where I was also the course director and accredited lead internal verifier. After writing for Kerrang! magazine from 2009-2010 I moved on to Terrorizer, where I became the editor of their new guitar magazine Sick Sounds from 2010-2011, and I'm still a journalist for Terrorizer as well as Total Tattoo magazine.

I founded and ran the non-profit record label Grade 9 Records from 2008-2012, which exclusively released my students' music worldwide and donated all the proceeds to charity. In 2011 I relocated to Vancouver (Canada) and expanded this philanthropic dream by launching my new and improved non-profit record label Revolution Harmony, which released numerous records including Cryptopsy's self-titled 2012 album. In May 2013 Revolution Harmony sadly ceased operating as a record label due to a lack of funding, and instead focused exclusively on my All-Star charity singles, the debut of which features Serj Tankian, Ihsahn and Devin Townsend. I have recently decided to retire from music lecturing in favour of a stress-free simple life, so I now spend all my time on the things that make me happy: hanging out with my wife, composing music for charity, listening to music, writing about music, taking care of dogs, reading, running, meditating, breathing and smiling! 
Thank you for your time and support :)

Ray Holroyd (photo by Hayley Holroyd)


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I will gradually, randomly and intermittently upload my entire warts-and-all discography (1995-2013) below, all available for free! If you download some music and have a few spare pennies, I would be most grateful for a small donation. However, if you can't afford to donate anything, just download and enjoy! Thank you for listening to my music :)

Maissiann - Maissiann (2009)

Kamil Mocet Terczynski - vocals, lyrics
Ray Holroyd - guitar, compositions
Joe Copcutt - bass (studio)
David O'Sullivan - bass (live)
Tom Labedzki - drums

London, UK

12 Ton Method - The Art Of Not Falling (2008)

Duncan Wilkinson - vocals, lyrics
Ray Holroyd - guitar, vocals, compositions
Joe Copcutt - bass
Adrian Erlandsson - drums (studio)
Pat Lundy - drums (live)
Tony Holroyd - drum programming on 'Hear My Cry'

London, UK

Xué - Wu Zhong Pin De (2005)

Xiaodan Hu - vocals
Confucius - words
Ray Holroyd - music (composing/arranging/programming)

London, UK

Holroyd & Levy - One Symphony Before Awakening (2004)

Ray Holroyd - composing, orchestrating, programming
Joel Levy - co-composing

London, UK

Gray Race Evolution - Ain't Trippin' On Color (2000)

Ric-Hard - rapping, lyrics
Ray Holroyd - guitar, singing, compositions, lyrics
Kyle Kao - bass
Lady B - keyboards
DJ Hectik - turntables, rapping
Tim Leavenworth - drums
Damien Jones - rapping, lyrics (demo)
Brian Sloan - rapping, lyrics (demo)
Dan McVeigh - drums (demo)

Los Angeles, USA